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you've seen it done -
camping with kids...
but where to start? 

First, screenshot our quick tips. 
Next check out more information with links and info below! 

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First Aid Kit

Check our all our saftey tips and tricks. Sunscreen, Bug spray, first aid and more! 


High Chair - Portable chair

We searched for our favorite highchair and really any chair for while camping. We are stoked to have found this amazing seat that buckles your kiddos in, keeps htem safe and protected! 



This is pending your type of camping but for tents, we love soft bags that we can squish in wherever we have room in our tent. Our favorite luggage is walker family goods (check it out below)


Clothing is so important for your kids. If you are camping in places like us the weather is unpredictable - we layer up with only the best type of clothes- stylish, comfortable and safe! 


The girls love this. They read/play and hang out in this.


For babies we love sleep sacks. For kids we love warn onsies (see reima above for all of this)

We also love whats called a "nest"
(See our favorite from "snuggle me" below) 


This wasn't around when I had crawlers but I'm getting it for the next. A must have!
(This is from Go With Me) 

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 12.47.12 PM.png

We have all kinds of ideas for activities with kids! Check out the list below and make that camping time a bit more magical! 



Camping Activities 

Portable Playard

Portable bungalow


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