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You can too Build the best safest fire! Check out these videos :

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Such a great way to light up the night while you have a campfire! 
Safety Tip: Have a water bottle or water glass to put sparklers in after use)

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Ready to have your kids think you know magic? Use this colorful powder to color your campfire!

Safety Tip: See the video above on how to make the best/safe fire!

Image by Kenrick Mills

Best S'mores

S'mores were meant to be so much more - check out some ideas that will blow your s'more mind!

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The girls love this while we are camping. They play for hours walking around our campsite chatting through their walkie-talkie. 
Tip: Also good to use for safety. Have the kids take with them everywhere!

DSC03021 (1).jpg

A great way to learn about the stars and planets while camping!

Tip: We love this one but it takes some time to set up!


This is great for during the day as well! Keeps the kids busy while you cook dinner. 

Great resources to learn about nature and have fun!

camping Games & MORe:

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