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flying tips from the experts

We got with some of our friends who are expert flyers!  We asked them to share the best tips they have - see what they have to say below!

Flying internationally with young kids can be intimidating, especially if you’re on a long flight. Here are a few tips to help you get through the flight as easily as possible.


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International flights are amazing but quite long so the key is sleeping to pass lots of time. Check out Erinn's practical tips that are SURE to help you during a long flight with kids.


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Travel & wine are the perfect pair. Wine regions are some of the richest in culture, gastronomy, and beautiful landscape.


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If you can ask for a seat with extra leg room, that will give them extra space. Prepare as much as you can (snacks, toys, blankets, and anything that bring the kids comfort) but don’t stress because sometimes adults have bad flights too.

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When my daughter was younger she got to pack her own backpack with toys, snacks, coloring books, etc. I would also download a movie or two that she hadn't watched yet to her ipad to kept her occupied not only during long flights but during layovers as well. It also helped to have lollipops and pain killers in case the ear pressure became painful. Now that she's a teenager, she likes the in-flight entertainment whenever available, books and we always bring a face mask to make sure our skin stays hydrated during the flight

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Flying tips!
Flying with kids can be daunting. But just as with most things, the more you do it, the easier it gets!

But here are a few things that have helped us!

More about Rachels ideas SEE HERE! 

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We love to play pretend flights before we leave! The boys make a box airplane and we watch a movie during the flight.. This is great practice for when we are in the air!

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Jaclyn R

On where you go-- We created a list of our top 5 international destinations and kept our options open, providing a narrow enough scope to focus our search for flights, but broad enough to regularly see deals come through for many of our top destination choices.
More about Jaclyn's research and saving money in her blog

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