We are the Willink family with the self-given title: Third Coast Tribe! We are a family who are lovers of all things outdoors. Hiking, traveling, exploring, experiencing, creating, documenting -- these are a few of our favorite verbs.  We relocated to the Third Coast in 2017 to be closer to family after spending 5 years living out west in Arizona.


For those of you who don’t know, the Third Coast is the Great Lakes region. We live in Michigan to be specific. Some of our biggest adventures to date include living and working at the happiest place on earth, Disney World of Orlando, full-time RV living for a year, road-tripping Route 66 and traveling the PCH. We’ve trekked through most of the lower 48 states, backpacked western Europe; we’ve hiked everywhere from places like the south rim of the Grand Canyon during the hot summer months, to a massive glacier in a blistery winter in Iceland. We’ve checked many national parks off the list as well. All of this is done in an effort to satisfy our never-ending wanderlust! 

We can’t mention all of these adventures without including our two biggest little adventure partners! Remy, 6 and Jade, 4. Even though their legs are tiny, they are learning the art of adventure from an early age and are always up for the thrill of exploration. Seeing our girls' eyes light up as we reach the summit and look out at the mountain view, or their minds spinning as we teach them what makes the grass green, the birds chirp, or why people and cultures are different than ours but equally as beautiful, makes all the extra work to travel with kids completely worth it.



Be sure and reach out to us with any questions on traveling as a family! 

Does this make me an #InstagramWife _ __
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Remy Danae
Jade Iverly


Mama Moose



Josh grew up in Michigan. Many people don't know he had a promising career in baseball cut short at the age of 11 when he decided to hang up the jersey early. Says Josh "I made my mark on the game, I had nothing left to prove." Josh is now a proud girl dad and  makes a mean beef jerky and when asked why he likes to travel he says "Everywhere you go there's an experience to be had. I collect those and value them like currency."

Carrie’s story begins in July when she was born a few years back. She grew up with 2 older brothers who she was always trying to impress. This is the cause for her love to always try new things! Marrying her best friend & giving birth to two more, her life couldn't be more complete.  When asked why she likes to travel she says "Read the blogs" :)  

A whole lotta sweet with just as much sass to match. Ask her a couple questions & you're her new best friend! When asked what she loves about traveling she says "Bein' with my fam and seeing new things!"  not sure if she means it or if she just wants ice cream at the next gas station... either way, she has her parents and sissy's hearts :)

She doesn't mess around. She either loves you or hates you & there is no in between.  She's always wearing her feelings on her sleeve!  When asked why she likes to travel she will say "pink" talking about sunsets. Oh and "tunnels" - including anything she can go under... so clearly at her height there are a lot of tunnels.  Livin' her best life :)

...and here's how it all began.