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Formal Application Approved - making for a crazy weekend!


Isn't it crazy how stuff can take over your life so quickly and so easily?

Our family has always made it a priority to get rid of, sell or give away things that we haven't used in the last few months. For our family this process can be very therapeutic! This last weekend started with clicking submit on the (lengthy) formal application for the adoption! It was an awesome feeling. After that click, we had an initial looking at each other with a "holy smokes are we doing this"? face, which was immediately followed with a "holy smokes we are doing this" face which immediately led to a "we've got a lot to do" face. If you're wondering what that was like, I'll show you in gifs:


and finally:

That led to a whirlwind weekend of house projects to get ready for the home study. Cleaning, organizing, even started to remodel a couple of rooms in our house. Monday morning after a weekend of hard work, we got the best news in an e-mail. "Approved!" was in the subject line!

These emotions are filled with joy, excitement and truly another reminder of what is truly important. Getting your life ready for a new little one can be a lot of work, but it can be filled with making your priorities a reality!

Next steps- Training and Home Inspection!

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