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Adoption Auction Fundraiser

When we started this journey of adoption we knew our family and friends be supportive... but we had NO IDEA just how amazing they (probably you reading this :)) would be! We decided to get not only people involved but some awesome brands too! We contacted some brands that we knew had a family focus in mind and got friends like Schwinn bikes, Orberto beef Jerk, Qalo, and MORE! With so much help and support, we had live music, face painting, balloon making, snacks, and incredible items to bid on! As we were setting up all day there seem to be storm clouds coming in. About an hour after the festivities ended, it stormed so hard- just a coincidence? We think not!

We raised over $3,000 dollars and this was all thanks to our incredible friends and family.

*If you are thinking of putting on an adoption fundraiser and would like some ideas on how to run it, please reach out. We would love to help with ideas!

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