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A Fear Of Flying is very common. If you, like many others, love to travel but have a fear of flying we understand. Everyone's fears can have different levels of anxiety or fear and be for different reasons.  We aren't going to be able and fix this fear, but we would like to help calm some of the anxiety you may be feeling. 

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At-Home Preparation:
Before leaving
for the airport:

Watch airplanes 




Watch youtube videos of planes leaving and coming. Be sure they are real-life videos so that you can see how many airplanes come and go a day. 



Demystify turbulence.

Understanding what turbulence is. 

Check out THIS VIDEO all about turbulence and how it works. 

Learn about the built-in safety features of the planes.

Learn all about the built-in features of planes and how it works. 

Also, check out cool videos like THIS ONE with the extra safety features as well!



Take a flying lesson.

If you have the time, plan yourself a flying lesson! There are many different options of how this looks - bring up google and check this out in your area!



Small area to prepare

At home make a small area for yourself to sit. Watch a movie or read a book in this area. This will help you prepare for how it will feel in the small area, replicating the seat that you will be sitting in.



See a therapist

Therapists are very common and can help work through fears that you may have, that could be bigger then just 'be calm.' 


Purchase & Pack distractions

*Download Movie/Show
*Download Podcast/Book
*Pack Books/Magazines
*Pack Snacks
*Sleep Mask

*Breathing Apps


Pick a seat that helps you avoid your trigger.

We suggest the aisle seat. You have easier access to stand up (when it's appropriate), go to the restroom. Especially if you have a fear of heights this should help. 



Check lists

Have checklists for your packing and items you should be bringing. That way when you are feeling anxious, you'll know you have everything!

Here is our Packing List to help!

at the airport:



Plan extra time

If you would normally get to the airport 2 hours before your flight - plan 3 hours. This will help you do the following steps of preparing yourself for the flight and not having the anxiety of hurrying through check-in & TSA checks.



Watch out the windows

There are large windows throughout the airport. Use the extra time you've planned to take deep breaths and watch the planes come in and out. You will see how many planes come and go within a short time, helping you feel confident during take off! 

On the plane:


Tell a flight attendant your fears

Flight attendants want o know. Most of them have seen every type of fear and can help you through it. They will keep an eye out for you during the flight as well! They got your back:)


Breathing App


and Landing

Josh’s least favorite part of the flight experience is taking off

and my personal least favorite part of the flight experience is landing (and turbulence).  To help during these times we watch shows, or I focus on making the girls comfortable. A great technique we’ve seen others use is breathing techniques. Here is a list of breathing apps to help!

Use the distractions

Use the distractions you’ve packed and prepared with. This is your moment, enjoy your flight!

Flying facts to
help your fears:


Flying is the safest form of transport


A plane can fly safely with just one engine. Most planes have up to 4 engines. 


Oxygen masks really do work!


Pilots are re-tested every 6 months.


Turbulence is not dangerous to the plane. SEE VIDEO HERE


Wings don't fall off planes. 
HERE is a video to see why not.



In absolute numbers, driving is more dangerous, with more than 5 million accidents compared to 20 accidents in flying. A more direct comparison per 100 million miles pits driving's 1.27 fatalities and 80 injuries against flying's lack of deaths and almost no injuries, which again shows air travel to be safer.

PLAYLISTS- After much research, we've found out that one of the best ways to overcome your fear while flying is by breathing and relaxing your body. We've put this Spotify playlist together strategically to help you during this process. 
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This playlist is to help you stay calm and possibly even fall asleep. A great playlist to calm your spirit.
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This playlist is chill enough for you to
relax but alert enough to read or focus on 
something. Just chill!
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This playlist is to help lift your spirit
and help you get excited for the
holiday or adventures you have ahead!
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These are a couple of our favorite 
breathing techniques we've found. A great
resource if you have a fear of flying! 
Hear it from flight attendant Stella:

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