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We want to help you find cheap flights and even free flights! There are so many ways to save and fly cheaply... this is for you!

We have a list of our favorite airlines to save money and why... 


We've found some of the best apps to help you find those cheap flights everyone else seems to be finding. 


Best credit cards to receive credit and points towards flights!

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quick tips -

Watch out for add-ons!

While finding cheap flights is possible watch out for the extra add-ons, cuz that's where they'll getcha!

Lap Children Fly Free

If your child is under two years old most airlines will let them fly for free on your lap!

Join the airline's loyalty program

 You can then redeem these points for flights and upgrades. If you earn enough miles to achieve a high status with the airline you may even get free upgrades.

Use apps to compare prices

Airlines want you to pick them (especially right now). Take the time to download a few apps to save yourself time and money!

Free Flights

for Kids

This option is through Fronteir Airline. If you sign up for a membership you can find free flights for your children up to 12 years old! See here for more tips on this.

Use Credit cards with travel points

Nothing against retailer stores- but don't get their credit cards! Use credit cards that are earning you points on your next flight! See our favorites here.

Fly with a


Carry ons 

Middle of the week flights

The need for flying during the weekend is greater. So if you can find middle of the week flights you'll often save hundreds on flights!

Use the 24-hour rule to cancel if the price drops

This US regulation says you can cancel or change their flight free of charge within 24 hours of booking if you booked directly with the airline at least seven days before traveling for a flight going to or from the US.

Bring your own food

Bringing your own food can not just save you money- but most of the time is healthier and taste better as well!

Wait 30 Days before your trip to book

Don't get stuck looking at your home airport. Look around and surrounding airports, after a bit of a drive you could save massive amounts of money!

Kids get to

bring more

If you are flying with kids, you have a lot more 'add-ons' you are able to bring along. This can save you money and stress Check out this info on our "Kids flying tips" HERE.

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Guest writer Jaclyn Ramirez, shares her experience and tips with using Scott's Cheap Flights!

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5 quick tips for saving
money flying with kids

Frontier -

Kids Fly Free

Kids can fly free (up to 12 years old) but it can be tricky! Check out this blog on the ins and outs we've learned about this program.

10 quick tips for
flying with kids
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